Lytle Continues Fundraising Success, Outraising Opponents in October Cycle

Following up on a strong first start to his campaign in which he raised over $30k in the first 30 days Stephen Lytle, a candidate for Tampa City Council – District 3 Citywide, continued his fundraising momentum by again outraising his opponents during the month of October.

Since announcing his campaign near the beginning of September Lytle has closed the gap from individual donors to about $4k between he and the District 3 opponent who announced 9 months ago and leads the race in fundraising results. Lytle has outperformed his other opponent in fundraising by nearly $36k.

“It’s no surprise that the success of a campaign is built upon the ability to fundraise,” said Lytle, “and as a first-time candidate, I understand how important voter outreach is to this campaign. Nobody will outwork me during this campaign and I promise nobody will outwork me when I serve our residents on City Council.”

Lytle credits his fundraising success to the relationships and trust he has built with community and business leaders while serving his community. He is the only City Council candidate that serves as a Neighborhood Association President and he has served for three years as the Chair of the City of Tampa Budget Advisory Committee, two experiences he believes will be benefit him if elected.

“As I have met with fellow neighborhood leaders, I have heard their concerns and we need a councilmember who will be a steward for our communities on the dais. We need a councilmember who has shown the leadership and vision to move Tampa forward and will strengthen and empower our neighborhoods.”

The momentum will be necessary for Lytle’s campaign as we enter a time when fundraising becomes more difficult. Many are burned out on mid-term elections and the holiday season is sure to slow down fundraising, additionally, Lytle’s campaign events slowed this month as he prepared for fatherhood, as he and his wife are expecting to welcome their daughter to the world on November 21st. Not one to take too long a break though he picks campaign work back up starting December 4th with a Candidate Meet and Greet and Fundraiser at Yeoman’s Cask & Lion in Downtown Tampa. More information available at www.Lytle2019.com.

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