Lytle Qualifies for City Council Race by Ballot Petition

Local civic leader Stephen Lytle has touted that he will not be outworked while on the campaign trail or when elected to office. He has recently solidified those claims by submitting enough ballot petitions to qualify for the District 3 City Council race. 36 candidates have filed to run across all municipal races and Lytle is one of two that accomplished this often-difficult task, Orlando Gudes running for District 5 East Tampa also has.

With Tampa City Council and Mayoral races less than 60 days from the election date on March 5th things are starting to speed up. Candidates who filed to run must qualify one of two ways, ballot petition or qualifying fee. Candidates for Mayor had the option to collect 3,582 verified signatures and City Council Candidates 898 by the end of the petition period on January 4th.

Those who did not qualify by petition must now pay a qualifying by January 18th to be listed on the ballot. The costs? $9,644 for Mayoral Candidates and $2,774 City Council. Saving a campaign from paying a qualifying fee can be quite the advantage in City Council races where the average amount raised is right around $21,000.

“Qualifying by ballot petition is not an easy process, taking significant work and dedication to achieve,” said Lytle, “but my platform is anchored by sound fiscal policy. I believe candidates must actively demonstrate their conviction to the issues they champion and I have done that here today.”

Lytle’s platform, which also focuses on strengthening and empowering neighborhoods and improving infrastructure, has been reflective of his experiences in Tampa. He is the only City Council candidate who currently serves as a Neighborhood Association President and he has chaired the City of Tampa Budget Advisory Committee for the last three years.

Those experiences proved beneficial in Lytle’s efforts to qualify by ballot petition, paralleled by the strong financial support the campaign has posted as well. He has been optimistic on the campaign trail and for the future of Tampa if elected, “Together the citizens of Tampa can achieve more than any single person could ever do alone. It is time to work together and move Tampa forward.”

To learn more about Stephen Lytle and his campaign for City Council please visit www.Lytle2019.com.

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