The Issues

Mayor Bob Buckhorn, Stephen Lytle, and TPD Chief Brian Dugan

The journey Stephen Lytle is on started from humble beginnings. After a troubled childhood marred with divorce and abuse Stephen was raised on his mother’s modest teacher’s salary and quickly learned the value of being involved in his community, a good education and financial responsibility. Earning a track and field scholarship to the University of South Florida afforded him the opportunity to attend college and receive his degree in Political Science.

Through hard work, dedication, and persistence he has grown into a self-made leader in business as well as within his community and the city of Tampa. After welcoming his daughter and first child to the world in November, he is now focused on leading our city in a positive direction for our children, grandchildren and the future generations to come.  It is these experiences that have led to Stephen to identify three key issues that will better Tampa’s outlook and each of our daily lives.

Stephen Lytle knows that together the citizens of Tampa can achieve more than any single person could ever do alone and that it is time for us to work together and move Tampa forward. These issues impact everyone in our city and that is why he has chosen to run for a citywide seat, District 3. Your support of the campaign, by volunteering or donating, will ensure that our needs won’t be forgotten and that we are better prepared for tomorrow, starting today.